TCARE's Favorite User-Friendly Kitchen Appliances

There are many specifics to consider when purchasing a new kitchen appliance. At TCARE, we believe in selecting smartly designed products that are user-friendly, thoughtfully made, and aesthetically pleasing. Our favorite products, listed below, are accessible, designed for the maximum number of people, and importantly, facilitate a safe experience in the kitchen. 

TCARE’s Favorite Picks For Inclusive Designed Kitchen Appliances

1. GE Monogram ZIDS240NSS Under Counter Double Drawer Refrigerator Drawers:

Refrigerator drawers are a great solution for users with height and mobility restrictions.  These drawers brighten and dim when opened and closed, helping to ENHANCE VISIBILITY at all times. In addition, the touch controls display temperature settings so the user can easily observe the temperature at any time. In addition, these drawers fully extend out, offering storge solutions for a wide range of goods regardless of their size. 


2. LG 28 Smart InstaView® Door-in-Door® Double Freezer Refrigerator with Craft Ice LRMVS2806S

This is a fridge everyone could benefit from. The double drawer at the bottom makes using the fridge much easier from a seated position (i.e. if one is in a wheelchair) and enables you to store, stock, and organize your favorite items within easy reach. The InstaView Door-in-Door allows you to view the inside of the fridge without opening the door, and the tinted glass panel lights up with just two knocks so that you can see the inside of the compartments. What’s more, the double doors on the top and bottom have ergonomic handles - which illuminate at night - that necessitate very little physical effort to open and close.                                                                                                                 


3. Bosch Benchmark Self-Cleaning Convection European Element Single Electric Wall Oven Model #HBLP451RUC

Ovens that have a side swing door offer better ergonomic access and safety as the user does not have to bend over or extend their reach. The full-extension rack offers greater access into the oven itself.The colorful control panel has easy touch buttons and is great for users with low vision or for people with arthritic hands.


4. Electrolux FreeStanding All Gas Range EI30GF45QS     

This gas range comes packed with a variety of features, making it comfortable and enjoyable for almost every cook. The visually bright touch control panel displays all of your options at all times. The front control burner design doesn’t require reaching across burners and allows for operation with just one hand, so you don’t have to grasp, pinch, or twist to use or activate.  And, the oven rack allows for seamless transfer of pots and pans from burner to burner, do you don’t have to lift the dishes as you go. 


5. Sharp 1.2-cu ft Microwave Drawer KB6524PS

A microwave drawer oven is a great solution for those in a wheelchair or who use an assistive device, as the appliance allows you to choose  a location that works for your lifestyle.  This device’s

auto-Touch panel is easy to see and read and can be used with just one finger. Opening and closing the microwave drawer is seamless too - all you hae to do is either pull or push the handle, or touch the auto-touch panel.  

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