Identify and reduce caregiver burnout.

TCARE’s evidence-based software is used by federal, state, and private-funded agencies to identify caregivers at risk for burnout, connect them to the right services, and measure the impact of their programs.


The Cause of Caregiver Burnout: Identity Discrepancy

TCARE’s proprietary approach to caregiver support is based on the root cause of caregiver burnout: identity discrepancy.

Identity discrepancy happens when someone’s current identity conflicts with their new caregiving responsibilities and expectations. Family caregivers experience this when the role they identify themselves as (like spouse, son, or daughter) conflicts with the expectations of their new caregiver role.

It’s this discrepancy – not the type or amount of caregiving tasks – that leads to caregiver burnout.  

CMS-Approved    |    Federally-Approved    |    HHS-Accredited    |    Multi- Lingual


Combining high-tech and high-touch to battle burnout.

TCARE’s tailored, data-driven care plans assess and address identity discrepancy to provide caregivers with the right interventions at the right time to reduce their burnout risk

Caregiver Outreach & Engagement

Tailored, multi-channel outreach and messaging reach caregivers with a "no wrong door" approach.

Risk Screen & Stratification

Quickly identify caregivers with the highest burnout risk based on our six proprietary burden scores.

Tech-Enabled Assessment

Go deeper into a caregiver’s responsibilities and determine  the goals and strategies to address their risk.

Tailored Care Plan & Resources

Algorithm recommendations and Care Specialists deliver the right interventions at the right time across 44 support areas.


Continued support and re-assessment enable detailed outcome reporting at individual and population levels.


Wherever there’s care, we’re there.

We partner with multiple types of organizations to deliver support to the caregivers that need it most.  


Care they can feel, results you can measure.

Our right intervention, right time approach to caregiver support creates real impact on the customers, caregivers and families we serve:


of TCARE supported caregivers report lower levels of depression


Reduction in Home & Community Based and Long-Term Care Services utilization


Month average delay in Nursing Home / Assisted Living Facility placement

Improvements to CAHPS and Star Points ratings for health plans

Reduced employee absenteeism and use of FMLA


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