Family Caregiver Insurance

Caring for a loved one can come at a cost - both financially and emotionally. TCARE has bundles its tailored family caregiver support with benefit policies to provide family caregivers with complete support for the costs of care.

How family caregiver policies support you.

Policyholders of products bundled with TCARE's family caregiver support program can receive:

Family Care Expense Protection

Receive expense protection and, in some cases, cash benefit for covering the cost of home improvements, mileage, lost wages, and more.

Tailored Caregiver Support

Access on-demand, one-on-one support from a Certified TCARE Specialist to help you navigate your caregiving responsibilities and burnout.


Looking to learn more about family caregiver insurance?

TCARE is proud to partner with leading insurance carriers to offer its family caregiving support program through various policies both on a group and individual basis.