Our story

TCARE was built from our own experiences caring for loved ones through complex medical conditions and changes. While caring for family can be rewarding, it also creates unforeseen emotional, physical, and financial challenges that most aren’t prepared for. Many of us at TCARE have been there firsthand, and our mission is to help family caregivers care for themselves as they care for others.

With tailored, data-driven action plans, the expert support of our TCARE Specialists, family care protection products, and more, TCARE is proud to offer a complete way to care for family caregivers.


Meet our leadership team

Ali Ahmadi
Nate Moore
Chief Operating Officer
Lindsey Niemeier
Chief Strategy Officer
Mike Mings
Head of Projects, CISO
Vijay Anand
Head of Global Operations, Managing Director of TCARE India Pvt. Ltd
Vince Bodnar
Chief Actuary & SVP
Tony Maull
Head of Enterprise Sales
Linda Miller
VP of Government Programs
Bikram Bakshi
Board Director
Amy Kennedy
Board Member
Brittany Clements
Board Member
Atul Kamra
Board Observer
Amanda Joseph
Board Observer