We’re here because you care.

TCARE supports your well-being so you can keep giving the best care possible to your loved one. Through expert support and tailored resources, we help you navigate the complexities of being a caregiver.

All you do for your loved one? We call it caregiving.

Many individuals who take care of a loved one rarely refer to themselves as a caregiver. They simply see themselves as doing what a loving son, daughter, spouse, sibling or parent would do.

But all those tasks – from meal prep and managing medications to attending appointments and navigating benefits – we call them caregiving. We know firsthand it’s a job that’s never done, isn’t always easy, and can take a toll on your own personal health.


How TCARE supports you.

Designed to prevent caregiver burnout, our approach is backed by over 15+ years of data on what caregivers like you need – and when they need it – to stay healthy and supported.

Connect with your TCARE Specialist

You and one of our Certified TCARE Specialists will have a simple conversation to better understand your caregiving situation, responsibilities, and more so that you can get the support and resources you need.

Receive your Tailored
TCARE Care Plan

Your TCARE Specialist will create a tailored plan to help address any needs you have and connect you with resources that can make caring for your loved one easier. Every care plan is unique, and your TCARE Specialist is here to adjust your plan whenever needed.

Get Ongoing Support from Your Specialist

Every day is different when you’re a caregiver, and your TCARE Specialist is here to help you through all of them. Reach out with questions, new challenges, and more, and we’ll also check in on your Care Plan after 90 days - or sooner, if you need it.

Support for every kind of care.

TCARE supports family caregivers across a wide range of care scenarios, including:
Aging &
Foster Care

All available in ten different languages

English  |  Spanish  |  French  |  Mandarin  |  Cantonese  |  Japanese  |  Vietnamese  |  Korean  |  Farsi  |  Portuguese


Accessing TCARE's Services

TCARE services are offered at no cost to you through either your Medicaid, Medicare or Long-Term Care health insurance, your local Area Agency on Aging, or as a benefit through your employer.    

While TCARE is growing, we aren’t yet available through all plans and employers. To find out if TCARE is available to you – or if you want us to talk to your health plan or employer about offering TCARE as a benefit – send us a message and we’ll be in touch.

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