Grab bars have long been given a bad rap. They’re often associated with the frail and elderly. As a result, when seniors are encouraged to install grab bars by a relative or doctor, reluctance often sets in. The widespread misconception that grab bars are only for the frail and elderly has real and dangerous consequences. Because older adults, particularly those who could most benefit from the stability of grab bars, don’t purchase and install grab bars when they really need them. Thus, they end up jeopardizing their own health and wellbeing.

Many seniors who choose not to install the necessary precautions will experience a fall. Falls are traumatic events for older people and often have fatal consequences. According to Age Safe America, in 2015 four times as many seniors in the US died from falls than in auto accidents. This statistic is scary, but we can reduce the number of older adults that die from a fall.

Falls are preventable with the right hardware.

All seniors, not just those at greater risk of a fall, should install grab bars in their homes. The more proactive and preventative measures that one takes to protect their health, the better the outcome. It’s time seniors take pride in keeping themselves safe and independent for the long haul. With grab bars fit for any style, all seniors can prevent a premature loss of independence or life.

Grab bars that suit your style

Luckily, the grab bar industry has come a very long way from an aesthetic point of view. In an effort to break down the psychological barriers that inhibit many from buying grab bars, the design industry has made a conscious push to create trendy and stylish grab bars in hopes of encouraging people to buy them. Grab bars now come in a variety of colors, styles, finishes, and shapes, satisfying everyone’s taste and decor.

Here are a few ADA-compliant grab bars that do not look the part. Designed with sleek style, textured inlays, and vibrant colors, they add stability support to any room without sacrificing style.

Sleek & Modern

New Europe | WS Bath Collections
 Wave Wall-Mount  Seachrome

Old World Antique

Marchmont Reeded Charlton Home
Marchmont Smooth | Charlton Home

Rustic Farmhouse

SignatureHorizon Teak | Great Grabz

 Wood Anti-Slip | PEIHAN

... Or Colors of the Rainbow

Maxima Straight Vinyl Coated | Ponte Giulio

Whatever your style may be, we're confident there's a grab bar that's perfect for you.