Meet One of our TCARE Experts: Rachel Seltzer

Rachel Seltzer

Occupational Therapist

MS, OTR/L, Certified Aging in Place Specialist

Senior Home Safety Specialist

20+ yrs advising seniors and their families

Expert in senior home modifications

Hi! I'm Rachel.

A little bit about me… I have over 20 years experience as an Occupational Therapist with an advanced degree in Occupational Science.  I am a Certified Aging in Place Specialist with the National Association of Home Builders and a Senior Home Safety Specialist with AgeSafe America.  

I have always enjoyed working with adults, seniors, and their families in the home. My specialty and my passion is aging in place.

Helping make a home usable and safe is the most rewarding part of my job. It doesn't get any better than knowing that I have genuinely helped someone to be able to live more comfortably and safely in their home.

With TCARE, when performing our home assessments, we spend a couple of hours with the family that we're working with to learn about them, their needs, and their home. We want to hear about how we can help them, and offer easy & cost efficient solutions that they may not have thought or known about. We can also make suggestions of how to adjust the home over time as their needs change.

At TCARE, our goal is to ensure that the families we work with have the knowledge, resources, products, and updates that they need to make their lives (and their families' lives) comfortable, safe, and worry-free.

Have any lingering questions? Feel free to Contact Us.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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