Game Changers in Kitchen Appliance Design

1. Smart Technology

Remote Accessibility

Allows users to operate from their smartphone


Never leave the stove on or forget the dishwasher is done with an app that gives users timely reminders

2. Sensible Doors

No Bending

The ability to open an appliance from standing, rather than bending down or reaching high up, is key.


Should be light and require minimum effort to open and use spring hinges to regulate closing speed.

Lever Handles

Doors should have pocket or lever-style handles for more comfortable grasp.

3. Intuitive Display


Models with touch-pad controls rather than knobs are great for users who have limited hand strength or dexterity.


Controls should be bright and bold for users with low vision. They should also feature clear indicators for when a surface is hot.

4. Ergonomic Design

Mobile Racks

Appliances with pull-out or tilt-out bins/racks eliminate the need for awkward bending and reaching

Adjustable Height Shelving

Flexibility in shelving height allows users to customize their appliance for their needs

Beyond the Kitchen

Universal Design goes far beyond the kitchen. We use these design principles in every aspect of the home. Stay tuned for our next event. We hope to see you there!

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