We believe better care starts with self care

We work to empower families with seniors to live and love their greatest years

Built on compassion

Our team of business and healthcare professionals have all been caregivers, too.

Ali Ahmadi

CEO & Chairman

Rhonda JV Montgomery

Chief Scientist

Bikram Bakshi

Board Director

Brittany Clements

Board Member

Amanda Joseph

Board Observer

Atul Kamra

Board Observer

Tony Maull

Chief Revenue Officer

Mike Mings

Chief Product Officer

Vijay Anand

Chief Technology Officer

Nate Moore

Chief Operating Officer

Lindsey Niemeier

SVP, Group & Individual Solutions

Joe Malnar

Director of Operations

Linda Miller

VP of Government Programs

Brannon Smith

VP of Technical Architecture

Soorath PG

Software Developer

Jeffrey Phillips

VP of Product

Nivetha Karuppaian

Engineering Manager

Cheri Popelka

Customer Success Manager

Kara Mahoney

TCARE Specialist

Connor Burk

Product Engineer

Kim Van Camp

TCARE Specialist

Madison Rodgers

Marketing Manager

Jack Greene

Data Analyst I

Amanda Zimmerman

TCARE Specialist

Andy Knoll

Frontend Developer

Debbie Pozniakoff

TCARE Specialist

Kitty Bishop

TCARE Specialist

Maria Barajas

TCARE Specialist

Alagasan G

Software Engineer

Christina Arulraj

Software Engineer

Sharan Ruba S

Software Engineer

Manjubhasini I

Engineering Manager

Antony Naveen X

Automation Testing Engineer

Seetha K

iOS Developer

Archana Anthony

Android Developer

Sydney Morr

Visual Designer

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