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One-in-five employees are family caregivers. TCARE is here to support them as an evidence based care concierge platform.

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Addressing caregiver burnout in the workforce.

Support your employee family caregivers with holistic, intelligent tools and individualized, personal service.


of respondents had to take off work to provide care for their loved ones


Average amount of days taken off work to care for loved ones


of respondents took unpaid leave to care for their loved ones


Identification, early intervention, and prevention. TCARE® is an evidence–based family caregiver support program proven to reduce caregiver burnout. TCARE is crisis prevention, not crisis management, and uses scientifically-validated algorithms to create individualized care plans that lower caregiver stress and depression, increase productivity, and reduce the hidden caregiver costs for employers.    

Outcomes & results
  • Reduced absenteeism & use of FMLA leave
  • Increased presenteeism & productivity
  • Lower health care costs & reduced prevalence of chronic illnesses
  • Create an atmosphere that fosters a sense of caring & compassion
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Improvement of own health & a focus on physical & emotional wellbeing
  • Reduction in missed workdays
  • Higher levels of engagement both at work & home.
  • Confidence they are providing safe & adequate care to loved ones
  • Increased loyalty to company

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We're caregivers too

That’s why we built TCARE - because caregivers need to be cared for, too.

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