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Evidence-based TCARE is a cloud-based software used by federal, state, and private funded agencies to assist in the identification and intervention of caregivers at risk for burnout.

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Identify & reduce caregiver burnout.

Limited funding, staff limitations, a struggle to prove outcomes, and the need for an assessment that measures how the caregiver is affected in this journey are a few of the reasons many across the United States have been adopting TCARE as their source of support. TCARE is reducing stress and burnout by paving the way to interventions that are unique to each caregiver.  

TCARE is easy to use, provides quick training and certification and offers an assessment that measures the 5 leading causes of burnout. Smart AI technology provides instant assessment results that lead to a plan that generates strategies and goals designed for each caregiver to follow. 

TCARE includes a pre-screener/triaging tool that helps drive referrals while streamlining staff time to those scoring at highest need. Automated touchpoints continually monitor caregiver’s stress and use of the services connected in the care plans.  On demand reporting helps programs prove impact of the programs they are providing while meeting requirements outlined in many grants.

As an evidence based program that meets the highest tier level allowable under Title III & Title VI ACL Report, TCARE would appreciate the opportunity to demo and share more with you.

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